IPBM sealers

Today, still over 80% of liquid containers are converted on IPBM LF Sealers, and over 600 lines were delivered over the last 70 years, 80% of which are still in daily operation.


800 / 1000 CH

High-end, no compromise sealer. Up to 1000 meter belt speed. Combination with our automatic feeding and packing equipment is recommended.


800 CH

800 meter belt speed, dust free operation, can be combined with low-cost feeding and packing equipment. Capable of delivering up to 2,4 million sleeves per day (three shifts).


800 CH

Hot air sealer for the production of Combibloc and gable-top sleeves., 800 meter belt speed, can be equipped with post-folding and plasma substrate treatment.

Custom hot air sealer for Combibloc format carton only.

This custom hot air sealer is designed for the production of Combibloc format sleeves.  The line integrates post-folding section which might be required for Combibloc filling units. The line offers a 600 meter belt-speed and is supplied for specific Combibloc formats and not compatible with gable-top formats.