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We've delivered over 400 packers to our customers over the last 50 years.

Semi-automatic packing aid combined with case holder

Inexpensive basic equipment recommended for startup operations involving gable-top or Combibloc format sleeves.

Max Output ± 150'000 sleeves/h

Automatic corrugated case packer. two rows one layer

Automatic packing system for gable-top and Combibloc. Packs single rows of sleeves into corrugated shipping boxes. Can be combined with automatic case erector and supplier to packer.

Max Output ± 180'000 sleeves/h

Fully automated wrap around case packer.

High-speed packing system designed for packing up to 250'000 cartons per hour into corrugated boxes of up to four single rows on one layer. For Gable-top and Combibloc.

Max Output ± 250'000 sleeves/h
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