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Greater versatility.

Great performance.

1L cartons/h
1L cartons/day

No compromises at full speed.

The LF-III 800 / 1000 is the most advanced sealer available on the world market today. A core focus of the LF-III is maintenance free operation. That is why we eliminated all sensitive drive units and installed servo motors for each main section. Most productive skiving operation and the first in-line computer controlled quality control units were added. In addition, our custom-engineered low friction parts ensure against unwanted dust contamination, while the new mechanically driven upper and lower carrier belts deliver added security and more precise control of the sleeves at high speeds. These considerations are critical in helping the LF-III achieve the highest yield ratio of any sealer.



The LF-III's speed stands unmatched in the industry. The LF-III can be configured to reach a maximum belt speed of 1000 meters per minute, enabling it to process up to 150,000 1L cartons per hour with no compromises to the quality of the final product.


Low maintenance

The LF-III’s per-section servo drives and IPBM-designed drum drives ensure even wear on the belts and simplify their replacement. The LF-III is virtually maintenance-free. Only the usual consumables such as belts and certain bearings require replacement at regular intervals.


For ultra high volume 



The LF-III’s speed makes it suitable for high volume converters. Servo-driven upper and lower carrier belts ensure maximum blank stability at high speeds and low friction parts minimize dust contamination of the carton sleeves. The LF-III is specifically engineered for continuous 24/7 operation.

LF-III 1000 interfaced with Turnover feeder and IPBM Wrap-Around packer


ipbmco LF-III sealer dimensional drawing

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