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Auxiliary Equipment

Leary quality assurance system


The LS-9.16 quality assurance system detects, tracks and ejects faulty sleeves from the production flow thanks to an array of precise sensors positioned at key points on the production line that continuasly monitor key aspects of your product. Additionally, it keeps track of the precise nature of defects and summarises them on a shift-end report. This system is indispensable for fully automated production lines where manual inspections aren't practical.

Older sealer models such as THE IPBM LF-A / LF-B / Royal-33, are retrofittable with Leary quality assurance system including high speed ejector.

Case Erector

The case erector unit takes flat slotted corrugated sheets and erects the shipping case before folding the minor and major bottom flaps. The erected case can be conveyed directly to the automated carton packer.


We supply custom made conveyer configurations to help you quickly and safely move your production to it's final point of use.

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