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Parts & service

Replacement Components

We keep spare parts at your disposal for the following models:


           LF-III, LF-IV, LF-V


Spare parts are shipped from our

tax-free warehouses in Basel (Switzerland) and Germany.

Where to buy:

For the acquisition of spare parts, you may contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Geneva head office:

+41 22 758 14 19

Discontinued models:


For our discontinued models such as the IPBM Royal 333, LF-A and LF-B, we deliver parts for machines serial number 90 to 210 out of our warehouse in Colorado USA managed by our partner Western Slope Industries.

Bell knife Skiver

The bell knife skiver can be retrofitted to all our sealers regardless of the year of construction. This also applies to skivers which are discontinued or in connection with a complete skive hem pre-seal production section for older sealer models.

After-sale Service

We ensure after sale service outside of Europe with the help of our team of highly qualified service engineers. For service requests please reach out to us via the following contacts.

Geneva head office:

+41 22 758 14 19

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