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Quality Assurance System

LS-9.16 (QA) System:

The Leary® quality assurance system helps you maintain a high production standard by monitoring a series of custom-set tolerances by constantly verifying the following parameters.

- Double feeds

- Skewed cartons 

- Gap stability 

- Fitment cut-out 

- Hem cut through 

- Hem fold-out 

- Barcode

Faulty cartons that do not conform to the set tolerances are automatically ejected from the production flow without constraining production speed.

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Leary IQ™  cloud integration:


Leary IQ™ sends data directly from the production floor through a secure network of servers to continually update you on the performance of your production line while making the data accessible to you from your personal smart device or enterprise management system for 24/7 report availability.

The collected data helps your team diagnose and effectively respond to production inefficiencies.

Expansion Modules:

The LS-916 quality assurance system is equipped with 16 expansion ports to accommodate optional upgrade modules for additional functionality. See Expansion modules below.

ls-916 quality assurance system sensor layout

Expansion Modules

Remote Access 

- Remote diagnostic and remote troubleshooting


- Remote software updates

- Reduced downtime

- Reduced need for technical service visits

- Optional customer remote access


Real-time controller status


Job detail

- reject totals

- downtime totals

- controller events



- production counts

- reject totals

- spoilage 

- failures by type


- Print a unique carton ID on each carton

- Specific reason for every carton rejection allows for easy root-cause analysis

- Report on settings of QA system when a carton was run.

- Certificate of carton analysis

- Certificate of job acceptance


- Integrate controller data with your ERP system

- Access raw data 

- Full SQL data access with programmatic API's

- Data access via CSV files 

- Direct download to Microsoft Excel

Leary QAS

For a more comprehensive look at the LS-916, the product brochure is available for download. 

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