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Liquid Packaging Equipment


Discover our range of high-speed liquid packaging sealers and complementary equipment.




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IPBM Product Brochure

Get our official product brochure in PDF format for a comprehensive view of our primary offerings offline.

ipbmco product brochure
ipbmco product brochure

OEM Spare Parts, Upgrades and Servicing.

We keep a large inventory of spare parts in addition to our team of specialized service engineers at your disposal, regardless of where you are located.

portrait of Elie W. Labombarde, founder of IPBM Co.

Elie W. Labombarde

Founder of IPBM

In Search of Excellence

"The International Paper Box Machine Company is constantly striving to enhance it's long-standing brand image by carefully listening to the views of its international customer base and offering products and services that best fit each costumer. By working diligently and wholeheartedly, we believe that we can achieve true brand value as a company and remain a leader in the liquid packaging sector by offering converters "state of the art" equipment, technologies and services that respond to the ever evolving demands."

Elie W. Labombarde

Founder of IPBM

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